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Text based role play is an art form of sorts and with any type of art, there are certain styles and requirements for said style. T1 is one of these styles and while I take no credit in its creation or even can claim to know the original rules, this is my understanding of T1 along with some tools that might help other role players along their journey. It is meant as a tool and not meant to be the authority.

The Absolute Basics of T1Edit

T1 is a text based, role play style originally meant for combat, that has been adopted for the foundation of legality in countless role plays. It relies heavily on descriptive writing, longer paragraphs with a similar writing style to what one would see in a book.

T1 is turn based, as opposed to speed based, meaning that one person posts in and then the next person and so on and so forth until there is a posting order established, giving everyone a chance to reply and act before it is one’s turn again.

When it comes to creativity, the only limit is one’s mind. However, in an endeavour like role play where it is a joint effort from a group of people, rules need to be established to determine what is fair, what are the role player’s rights and how do they justifiably protect their character when exchanging posts. T1 is meant to do that by relying on some core principles and guidelines.

As far as all my research points, T1 originated on Ayenee for Yahoo! Chats and forums by user Kellindil (John) back in 1999. After several search attempts, finding the original guide created by Kellindil seems hopeless. So the knowledge here has endured decades of being shared, passed on and reinterpreted along the way. People have added their own opinions and adjustments. There is likely to be differences from what other role players have used and learned. Word of mouth is hardly an accurate way for information to travel. However, that is okay because role play is something that thrives on creation.

The original rules were created for one group and meant to make their role play more enjoyable and less dramatic. They were never intended for such wide-spread use and distribution. When someone creates a role play, it’s theirs and they have the authority to choose how it is ran and people can choose to accept their role play and join in or find something that is more suited to them. The information I have gathered is not meant to shackle anyone, more so educate and encourage them.

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